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Maximizing Your Home Space: 7 Awesome Hacks

Maximizing Your Home Space:7 Awesome Hacks

A good living space is needed for the growth and development of each family member. Though no studies have proven that a cramped home leads to untalented and unsuccessful individuals, the availability of space to rest, explore, and grow contributes to the better well-being of the home dwellers.
Curious about how you can make your house larger without much home repair costs? Follow these tips in maximizing your home space:

1. To fully use the entirety of your home, throw away things that are unnecessary. What you want in your house are functional objects. Small figurines, dysfunctional closets, and even old floor rags should find their way to the trash bin or garage sale.
2. Smart divisions. Be intelligent in dividing your house space. Instead of concrete walls, you may put up cabinets and other big furniture instead. Aside from storage utility, your dividers can become work areas too.
3. High window-to-wall ratio. Finding the right window to wall ratio will give you several benefits. One of which is the access to sufficient amount of sunlight. When optimized, the natural lighting will highlight the features of the home, thus making it seem more spacious.
4. Glass. Glass does not belong to windows only, it can become walls too. If applied in such manner, this material will inspire transparency and fluidity to the dimensions of the house. Although spaces are physically separated, the area is still visually connected.
5. Usable staircases. House trends now are more innovative than ever! The most popular and favorite design is having usable staircases. Often, the staircases are used as bookshelves and cabinets. Instead of just being hollow, unnoticed areas like staircases can become incredible mechanisms to save space.
6. Visual continuity. Be creative in making your home bigger! The concept of visual continuity is the usage of neutral and even-toned elements to express mental freedom and serenity. Instead of having excessively colored walls, why not paint your rooms with subtle hues like beige, white, and light brown. Hanging geometric wall designs can enhance your home’s visual continuity as well.
7. “What is less is more”. Your home does not have to be screaming with architectural designs and features. All you need to do is to stick to the basic and amplify simplicity. The saying “What is less is more” finds a great application. A good technique is finding a good background color and as much as possible, applying the same to the entire house.
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